Online-Only Gift Code FAQ

How do I purchase an online-only gift code?

Go to, or go to and search for “online-only gift code”.

Where can I use an online-only gift code?

For books and merchandise on (Please note this does not include event tickets, audiobooks, or Signed First Edition Club memberships and cannot be used in-person at Harvard Book Store.) To use the code, select "Online-Only Gift Code" at checkout (i.e. do not select "Gift Card" — that option is for physical gift cards.)

Can I use an online-only gift code at the bookstore at 1256 Massachusetts Avenue?

No, they can only be used online on our website

Are there any exclusions?

You cannot use any discounts to purchase a gift code. Additionally, online gift code purchases do not count towards future Frequent Buyer discounts. 

Does my gift code ever expire?

There’s no expiration date on a valid online-only gift code.

How can I check the current balance of my gift code?

Go to and enter your gift code.

Can I use more than one gift code on the same order?

You can use up to two gift codes to complete your purchase. The gift codes should be entered into the same line using a comma to separate them.

I want to send a gift code to someone else; how do I do that?

Simply put the recipient’s email and your message into the form during the purchase process, and an email will go to the recipient with their code!

I want to order a gift code, but have it sent to the recipient at a later date.

If you’d like to save the gift code for another time, send the gift code to yourself and then forward it to the recipient yourself at the appropriate date.