Virtual Event FAQ

Will I still be able to view the video after the event?

Nearly all of our virtual events are recorded and viewable after the event has taken place. Find them at

I’ve signed up already and wasn’t able to donate, can I still contribute to the event?

Thank you for contributing! You can contribute by going directly to and choosing the amount of your donation.

How do I use Zoom to watch the event?

You can view this documentation on getting started with Zoom on Windows and Mac. If you already have Zoom set up on your computer, you can view this documentation on joining a webinar as an attendee.

How do I buy the event book?

The event book can be purchased through the event’s listing on or by searching for the book at

Can I get the event book signed?

Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, we are unable to offer signed books at this time. Check the event listing on to confirm signed book availability.