The Bundahisn: The Zoroastrian Book of Creation (Hardcover)

The Bundahisn: The Zoroastrian Book of Creation By Domenico Agostini (Translator), Samuel Thrope (Translator), Shaul Shaked (Preface by) Cover Image
By Domenico Agostini (Translator), Samuel Thrope (Translator), Shaul Shaked (Preface by)
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The Bundahisn, meaning primal or foundational creation, is the central Zoroastrian account of creation, cosmology, and eschatology. Compiled sometime in the ninth century CE, it is one of the most important surviving testaments to Zoroastrian literature in the Middle Persian language and to
pre-Islamic Iranian culture. Despite having been composed some two millennia after the Prophet Zoroaster's revelation, it is nonetheless a concise compendium of ancient Zoroastrian knowledge that draws on and reshapes earlier layers of the tradition.

Well known in the field of Iranian Studies as an essential primary source for scholars of ancient Iran's history, religions, literatures, and languages, the Bundahisn is also a great work of literature in and of itself, ranking alongside the creation myths of other ancient traditions. The book's
thirty-six diverse chapters, which touch on astronomy, eschatology, zoology, medicine, and more, are composed in a variety of styles, registers, and genres, from spare lists and concise commentaries to philosophical discourses and poetic eschatological visions. This new translation, the first in
English in nearly a century, highlights the aesthetic quality, literary style, and complexity and raises the profile of pre-Islamic Zoroastrian literature.

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ISBN: 9780190879044
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Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: August 25th, 2020
Pages: 264
Language: English