Hittite Anatolia Ceramics and Villages (Paperback)

Hittite Anatolia Ceramics and Villages By David Moore Cover Image

Hittite Anatolia Ceramics and Villages (Paperback)


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"Hittite Anatolia Ceramics and Villages" is a captivating journey into the world of Central Anatolian Iron Age pottery, a mystery that emerged from the pages of Herman Genz's groundbreaking 2005 article, 'Thoughts on the Origin of the Iron Age Pottery in Central Anatolia.' This enigma revolves around the unexpected resemblance between the painted Iron Age pottery of Central Anatolia, dating to a period after the collapse of the Hittite civilization (post-1200 BC), and the pottery from the Middle Bronze Age (MBA) and Early Bronze Age (EBA) periods (pre-1700 BC). This resemblance is perplexing, considering that the EBA/MBA painted ceramic traditions appeared to vanish with the rise of the Hittite state and its more standardized, unpainted ceramic tradition. The central question that echoes through the ages is: How did a distinctive painted ceramic tradition disappear, only to re-emerge after a hiatus of 500 years?

Product Details ISBN: 9780457114635
ISBN-10: 0457114630
Publisher: David Moore
Publication Date: September 6th, 2023
Pages: 234
Language: English