This City Belongs to You: A History of Student Activism in Guatemala, 1944-1996 (Paperback)

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Between 1944 and 1996, Guatemala experienced a revolution, counterrevolution, and civil war. Playing a pivotal role within these national shifts were students from Guatemala’s only public university, the University of San Carlos (USAC). USAC students served in, advised, protested, and were later persecuted by the government, all while crafting a powerful student nationalism. In no other moment in Guatemalan history has the relationship between the university and the state been so mutable, yet so mutually formative. By showing how the very notion of the middle class in Guatemala emerged from these student movements, this book places an often-marginalized region and period at the center of histories of class, protest, and youth movements and provides an entirely new way to think about the role of universities and student bodies in the formation of liberal democracy throughout Latin America.

About the Author

Heather Vrana is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Florida and the editor of Anti-Colonial Texts from Central American Student Movements 1929–1983.

Praise For…

"This City Belongs to You deserves attention from a broad audience.... This book shows that it some ways, Guatemala City was ahead of the curve of world events like the student protests of 1968, forcing us to reconsider some well-established narratives about who and what inspired the radical movements of the 1960s. Guatemala and its capital city have a lot to tell us about the forces that have shaped the contemporary world.... It is a history relevant to us all."
— H-Net

"Heather Vrana’s This City Belongs to You: A History ofStudent Activism in Guatemala, 1944–1996 is the first English-language history of student politics in Guatemala and joins a new wave of scholarship on Guatemala City. ... this is an invaluable, timely, and engaging book that will significantly broaden our thinking about students—especially given its astute attention to how student nationalism changed—and about the making of the middle class, both in Guatemala and elsewhere."
— Hispanic American Historical Review

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ISBN: 9780520292222
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Publisher: University of California Press
Publication Date: July 3rd, 2017
Pages: 352
Language: English