Changing Landscapes of Our Lives

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Changing Landscapes of Our lives  by Norma Roth, Poet  and Evelyn Bernstein,  Photographer                   

This long-time friendship and artistic collaboration between Norma Roth, poet;  and Evelyn Bernstein, photographer combines provocative poems with alluring images that mirror the changing landscapes of our lives, creating a banquet for the eyes and evoking tones and moods in one’s heart, mind, and soul; revealing the beauty and possibilities of life through the entire life cycle. Norma Roth, an attorney, educator and writer is the author of several poetry books including Scenes of A Summer House, a poetry book dedicated to  landscapes where there are  no boundaries between time and space, beginnings and endings; and Fear Trembling and Renewal,  tracing the phases of  life and affirming  life at the last and– perhaps richest phase of living. Evelyn Bernstein, West Coast photographer explores the affinity of nature and humankind in her last work Spirit of Nature.  In this new collection, a collaboration between  life-long friends, who have shared so much of the Changing Landscapes of Our Lives, Norma and Evelyn share the range of landscapes, through the broader medium of poetry and photographs to trace life's experiences "of two friends: "before they were "we," before they had spouses and children; before they saw that they were something other–– accepting the challenges of becoming and remaining themselves; standing strong and firm, supporting each other–– no longer afraid and weary of what would come;. connected and separate, yet part of the whole;  affirming the changing landscapes of their lives––almost complete. (From Poem,Two Friends).

"I read "Changing Landscapes of Our Lives" several times and it's a joy to take in; some of my favorite pieces are: Grey Pebble Beach, Last Frenzied Dance, The Rains Depart and Poet's Visit after the Rain .I also like the poems beholding snow. Norma's meditative, often affirmative, poems juxtapose so beautifully with Evelyn's amazing photographs of nature. Together they create these stunning portraits that feel like paintings or a double-images of great beauty and primal force. I like it both when the poems and photographs mirror each other and when they are slightly off, but parallel universes. It gives the book a nice element of chance, though it never seems random. Really, it's an award winning collaboration."

Lo Galluccio, Poet Populist of Cambridge, Author of Sarasoto VII, Hot Rain plus

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