The Rocking Horse (Paperback)

The Rocking Horse By Karrie Ann Loomis Cover Image
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After wandering too far out of their backyard, Michaela and Sylvia discovered an abandoned house. Of course, the sisters couldn't just walk away.

Inside the house, Sylvia found a rocking horse that tempted the girls with the promise of a fun ride.

However, the ride wasn't what it at first appeared to be. Because of the deceptive horse, the girls found themselves trapped in darkness.

As Michaela and Sylvia struggled to escape, their bond grew stronger and they began to understand what it means to work together, be brave, believe in themselves, and to put an effort into their actions.

In the darkness, a ghost appeared and told the sisters about the mistake she made of also accepting a deceitful ride, but it wasn't a horse that tricked her.

*A fiction 'stranger-danger' chapter book perfect for ages 7-11.*

Product Details
ISBN: 9780615994147
ISBN-10: 0615994148
Publisher: KALM
Publication Date: April 1st, 2014
Pages: 100
Language: English