Sandwiches of History: The Cookbook: All the Best (and Most Surprising) Things People Have Put Between Slices of Bread (Paperback)

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Sandwiches of History: The Cookbook: All the Best (and Most Surprising) Things People Have Put Between Slices of Bread By Barry W. Enderwick Cover Image

Sandwiches of History: The Cookbook: All the Best (and Most Surprising) Things People Have Put Between Slices of Bread (Paperback)


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The ultimate book for the sandwich connoisseur (or even the sandwich curious): nearly 100 recipes spanning the centuries, from the most well-known to obscure but delicious sandwiches. 

Ah, sandwiches. They’re everywhere. But what’s the story behind the club, the Cuban, or the hot brown? Through his various social media platforms, Barry Enderwich (@sandwichesofhistory) has been exploring all things sandwich for years. In Sandwiches of History: The Cookbook, for the first time, he has taken the source material for dozens of sandwiches and painstakingly recreated them—staying as faithful as possible to every original sandwich, while providing much more guidance on successfully making each one. From the classics, like the Cucumber Tea Sandwich or The Sophisticated Club Sandwich, to the out-of-the-box, like The Dirty Sandwich and the Mock Banana Sandwich, Barry provides not only recipes, but interesting information and fun facts that pertain to them. Chapters include: 
  • Tea and Snack Sandwiches: Nasturtium Leaves Sandwich 1896, Tomato Sandwich 1896, Smoked Salmon Sandwich 1901, Lettuce Sandwich 1902, Watercress Sandwich 1909, Cucumber Sandwich 1909, Salad Sandwich 1923, Pineapple Cucumber Sandwich 1936
  • Club Sandwiches: Club House Sandwich 1907, Sheridan Park Club Sandwich (1909), Milwaukee Sandwich 1909, The Salmon Club Sandwich 1936, Olive Bacon Club 1936, Swiss Club Sandwich 1936, The Club Special 1958, The Sophisticated Club Sandwich 1958, Manhattan Club Sandwich 1964
  • Surprising Sandwiches: Toast Sandwich 1861, Spanish Sandwich 1909, Dairy Sandwich 1909 (?), Ham Tartare Sandwich 1936, Barbecued Beef Sandwich 1941, Shrimp Sandwich 1957, Hot Dog Sloppy Joe 1970
  • Vegetarian Sandwiches: Mushroom Sandwich 1893, Picnic Sandwich 1901, Gruyere Sandwich 1901, East India Lentil Sandwich 1912, Bombay Sandwich India, Waffled Cheese Sandwich 1974
  • International Sandwiches: Pan Bagnat (France), Chicken Banh Mi (Vietnam), Barros Lupo (Chile), Rou Jia Mo (China), Tomago Sando (Japan), Chip Buttie (UK), Carne Asada Torta (Mexico), Membosha (Korea), Fruit Sando (Japan)
  • Open Faced and Sauced Sandwiches: Kentucky Hot Brown 1926, Horseshoe Sandwich 1928, Hot Dog Sandwich 1970, Company Sandwich 1974, Tomato Cheese Club Sandwich 1941, Betty Engel Special 1974 * this will need name change, Hot N Hearty Tuna Sandwich 1974, Superb Club Sandwich 1977, Sara E. Porter Special 1977 * this will need name change
  • Sweet Sandwiches: Chocolate Sandwich Number 3 1908, School Sandwich 1909, Date and Orange Sandwich 1909, Ginger Sandwich 1912, Strawberry Sandwich 1912, Peanut Butter Cherry Sandwich 1936, Mock Banana Sandwich WWII, Dusty Nuttergoose Sandwich

And that’s not all! Barry also includes his signature “plus ups” for taking good sandwiches and making them great, as well as a handful of original recipes and remixes, including fan favorites. There’s an argument to be made that this is the greatest thing since, well, sliced bread.

Barry W. Enderwick has always had a thing for sandwiches. After all, there are endless possibilities as to what can be put between two slices of bread. One day, a friend happened upon a virtual copy of “The Up-To-Date Sandwich Book” of 1909. He sent it to Barry knowing he would get a kick out of it and commented that “it would be wild to try some of these sandwiches.” Barry couldn’t agree more. So he created a new social media account to explore sandwiches and never looked back. The idea resonated and the rest is history (or, actually, Sandwiches of History). Barry, an avid cook, now shares classic sandwiches, “plus ups,” and his own creations weekly. He has been featured in media outlets such as Gastro Obscura,, and the Guardian, to name a few. Find his latest creations at @sandwichesofhistory.
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Publication Date: November 5th, 2024
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