The New Elk Hunter's Cookbook and Meat Care Guide: A Collection of Favorite Recipes and Essays from Members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (Paperback)

The New Elk Hunter's Cookbook and Meat Care Guide: A Collection of Favorite Recipes and Essays from Members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation By Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Cover Image
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From simple fare for backpacking to fantastic fullcourse dinners, you'll find it all here in hundreds of recipes for appetizers, soups, breads, salads, vegetables, pasta, beans, birds, game, fish, and desserts. There's a recipe for ice cream and one for dill pickles. You'l find lightand simple fare as well as hearty meals. Read about how to care for wild game from field to freezer and discover dozens of delicious ways to prepare elk, deer, and other wild game. You'll find that recipe you've been looking for--the one your father, your grandmother, or the renowned camp cook always just threw together. Savor the gourmet tastes and appetites of the many friends of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation from the United States and Canada, who share their best dishes in the spirit of swapping a favorite hunting story over a flickering campfire.

About the Author

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization with an emphasis on elk and elk country. Founded in 1984, RMEF is headquartered in Missoula, Montana. Its members, in 50 states and 23 countries, are dedicated to the foundation's mission to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat by: - Conserving, restoring and enhancing natural habitats. - Promoting the sound management of wild, free-ranging elk, other wildlife and their habitat. - Fostering cooperation among federal, state and private organizations and individuals in wildlife management and habitat conservation. - Educating members and the public about habitat conservation, the value of hunting, hunting ethics and wildlife management. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation advocates sustainable, ethical use of resources and seeks common ground among stakeholders. RMEF celebrates outdoor and rural lifestyles and values within a North American culture growing ever more distant from the land. RMEF's top priority-preventing and offsetting habitat loss- hasn't changed since the organization was founded. The foundation protects and enhances crucial elk habitat-including winter range, summer range, migration corridors and calving grounds-on both private and public lands. Subdivision and development are the major consumers of habitat. RMEF meets the habitat conservation challenge on private lands by negotiating land acquisitions, trades and conservation easements with willing landowners. As of 2003, RMEF and its partners have helped enhance or permanently protect nearly 3.7 million acres in the United States - an area 70 percent larger than Yellowstone National Park. Total fundraising has exceeded $446 million. Membership reached a record 138,000 in 2002, including 10,000 volunteers working in 550 chapters, and 140 paid staff. To help the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation leave an elk country legacy for future generations, visit or call 1-800-CALL ELK. ard

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ISBN: 9780762728633
ISBN-10: 0762728639
Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2003
Pages: 292
Language: English