The Hunter Lib/E (Parker Novels #1) (Compact Disc)

The Hunter Lib/E (Parker Novels #1) By Richard Stark, John Chancer (Read by) Cover Image

The Hunter Lib/E (Parker Novels #1) (Compact Disc)


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You probably haven't noticed them, but they've noticed you. They notice everything. That's their job. Sitting quietly in a nondescript car outside a bank making note of the tellers' work habits. Lagging a few car lengths behind the Brinks truck on its daily rounds. Surreptitiously jiggling the handle of an unmarked service door at the racetrack. They're heisters. They're pros, and Parker is far and away the best of them. In The Hunter, the first volume in the series, Parker roars into New York City, seeking revenge on the woman who betrayed him and on the man who took his money, stealing and scamming his way to redemption.

Product Details ISBN: 9780792773634
ISBN-10: 0792773632
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2010
Language: English
Series: Parker Novels