The Luddite Rebellion (Hardcover)

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"Bailey's well-researched, lucid, and effectively argued work should be of great interest to all those studying the impact of substantive change on the social fabric of society."--Choice

In modern parlance, "Luddite" has come to mean one who rejects modern ways for a simpler time. While the term is frequently bandied about in our technology-saturated age, the historical events which gave rise to the word have largely been forgotten.

The Luddite riots, which proved one of the defining moments of the Industrial Revolution, began in 1799 when Ned Ludd, a "backward youth," is said to have smashed a knitting frame. Ludd's actions provoked a prolonged outbreak of machine-breaking by desperate textile workers, giving way to a rebellion that would serve as a metaphor for future generations.

Who were the Luddites? What were their ultimate aims, if indeed they had any? How were they organized? Who were their leaders?

The Luddite Rebellion explores these and other questions, presenting a comprehensive account of the Luddite Rebellion from its beginnings to the savage repression which marked its end.

Generously illustrated, Brian Bailey's volume recreates in vivid detail this enigmatic and highly symbolic moment in Western history.

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ISBN: 9780814713358
Publisher: New York University Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 1998
Pages: 240