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Poetry. Art. African American Studies. Featuring line-drawings by Stackhouse and poems-as-essays by Keene handed back and forth and back, written and rewritten, drawn and redrawn SEISMOSIS penetrates the common ground between writing/literature and drawing/visual art, creating a revisioned landscape where much of the work is abstract or abstracted or both. The multiform agreements the texts & the drawings make, from a brilliant & decisive center, are revolutionary, antilinear, and highly responsive. SEISMOSIS is a formal experience. The result is a highly sophisticated call-and-response affair. A pioneer occasion, in which two African American artists have collaborated on a book of this nature, weaving a cohesive study of abstraction in both poetry and drawing, 1913's printing of the acclaimed collaboration approaches fine-press quality in mass-produced, perfect-bound, book-as-art-object form in keeping with 1913's mission of integrating the visual and verbal zones.

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ISBN: 9780977935109
ISBN-10: 0977935108
Publisher: 1913 Press
Publication Date: May 30th, 2006
Pages: 100
Language: English