Eating Well Through Cancer: Easy Recipes & Tips to Guide You Through Cancer Treatment and Prevention (Paperback)

Eating Well Through Cancer: Easy Recipes & Tips to Guide You Through Cancer Treatment and Prevention By Holly Clegg, Lee Jackson Rdn Ldn Cover Image
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Best-selling cancer cookbook for cancer patients highlights. What can I eat when going through cancer treatment? This newly revised and expanded 15-year anniversary edition includes chapters on nourishing foods that are best tolerated to ease common side effects such as nausea, sore mouth and throat, taste changes, neutropenia and weight loss. With easy everyday recipes using familar ingredients, you'll find this book an invaluable recipe resource for cancer prevention. Featured on The 700 Club, CBN.
Cancer patients worldwide rely on this iconic cancer cookbook with recipes to guide them what to eat so as to maintain strength and appetite during cancer treatment. Easy to read, with simple, nutritious recipes, beautiful photographs, tips and information, the cancer cookbook highlights diabetic, gluten-free, vegetarian and freezer-friendly recipes and guides patients on what to eat while undergoing treatment.

The new edition brings together 175 recipes with crisp photographs and chapters classified as per the side effects and symptoms observed. Most of the recipes are simple, everyday dishes with a healthy twist, where Clegg's never sacrifice taste philosophy is paramount. Clegg, best-selling national healthy cookbook author believes, Food that is good for you can be delicious and easy-to-prepare. Nutrition is important for cancer prevention and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Miletello, oncologist and cancer researcher, has always been interested in helping patients maintain good nutrition while undergoing chemotherapy. Although no diet has been proven to prevent cancer, health authorities agree that a properly chosen diet can reduce the risk of developing certain cancers, says Dr. Miletello. We also feel that a properly chosen diet can help you to fight cancer once you have developed it.

We have found 'Eating Well Through Cancer' to be the perfect resource for our patients and their family members, said Megan Doyle Battaglia of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Patients and caregivers love it. We have provided 'Eating Well Through Cancer' for our patients for about 8 years. It is a terrific resource for patients throughout their journey, observed Gay Prescott, Vice President of Development, Hope Cancer Resources.

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ISBN: 9780981564081
ISBN-10: 0981564089
Publisher: Favorite Recipes Press (FRP)
Publication Date: September 13th, 2016
Pages: 288
Language: English