Think Right, Feel Right: The New CBT System for Emotional Health & Happiness (Paperback)

Think Right, Feel Right: The New CBT System for Emotional Health & Happiness By Brian Isett (Editor), Robert D. Isett Cover Image
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This is the NEW, Second Edition of Think Right, Feel Right. This updated edition includes everything from the original guide. But now, after years of routinely using it in my practice on a daily basis with hundreds of different clients, the new version of the guide also captures the realities and insights gained through this experience. My clients differ in many respects, age, gender, background and so on. They run the gamut of prevalent emotional problems and diagnostic categories (poor self-esteem, relational difficulties, anxiety, depression, compulsions, addiction). Yes, they were different people with different issues, but they followed the same basic plan of treatment to resolve their problems; they cover each of the building blocks (chapters) presented in this guide during 10 to 12 weekly sessions with me. Working with Think Right, Feel Right, they learn how to replace their symptoms and troubles with emotional know-how and control, and they discover ways to more lastingly improve their mental health, happiness, and overall resistance to future problems. So now, with the new edition, you will get an informative, insider's look at what working with this innovative guide reveals. You will see how and why this transformative process works. And, most importantly, in learning how to apply the CBT tools in Think Right, Feel Right, you will see how to master your emotions, improve happiness, and keep emotional problems away. At the end of each chapter, I present this information in thought-provoking summaries, termed "Reflections." These Reflections deepen understanding of this book and ultimately of ourselves. The revised edition also includes updated references, content refinements as well as numerous editorial changes and improvements that make reading and mastery even easier. Think Right, Feel Right combines practical, evidenced-based CBT methods into a complete, powerful system that guides and accelerates behavioral and emotional change. Following the guide's curriculum, you will discover how to regulate emotions, create strong self-esteem and build more lasting emotional well-being. You will learn how to keep symptoms of anxiety and depression away and hold on to a happier, healthier life. Everyday wording, lots of practical examples and chapters with helpful summaries and review questions ease learning and promote real change. Empowering personal growth with its cutting-edge cognitive-behavioral system, Think Right, Feel Right creates a new and better way for effective self-help.

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ISBN: 9780984500864
ISBN-10: 0984500863
Publisher: 6 X 9
Publication Date: September 21st, 2019
Pages: 172
Language: English