Epiphany - THE SILVERING: A return to the Currency of Kindness (Paperback)

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This is book number 2 in the Epiphany series.


**** GOLD MEDAL Winner -- 2016 - Global Ebook Awards
**** SILVER MEDAL Winner -- 2017 - Readers' Favorite Contest
**** GOLD AWARD Winner -- 2017 - Literary Titan Book Awards
**** B.R.A.G. MEDALLION Honoree --2018 - Book Readers' Appreciation Group

Following on from Epiphany - THE GOLDING (Book 1 in the Epiphany series)

The story-within-a-story melds into a fascinating exploration of past and present lives intertwined, and a sequence of stunning revelations unfolds.

The 2008 Global Financial Crisis is looming, a time of losses for some in Rosetta's circle, and the odd astonishing gain. Via the path of mystery, reversals in fortunes and romantic love, Rosetta and her book club unwittingly get involved in a quest for The Silvering: an epoch rumoured to begin in 2022. The world's concept of worth, however, is keeping alive a body-king-created cycle of suffering, and the chance for a brighter future is fading fast.

Beneath the red soil of a southern land lies a glimmer of hope--a legacy of Norwegian forest-dwellers--destined to bring about a worldwide epiphany...but only if two people are heartfelt enough to fulfil Lillibridge's mystifying prophecy.

Discoveries Matthew makes about Edward Lillibridge in the British village of Tintagel (letters the author wrote to his sister and son) align him with Rosetta and her desire to glean clues, but between them stands a wall of mistrust that threatens the sprites' noble plans. Each letter adds further detail to the tapestry of Lillibridge's 18th-century existence, and Matthew is confronted with an uncanny truth that challenges his perceptions of life and death.

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A wonderful sequel to the first book, a fascinating journey through time ...

I recently read and reviewed Terry's debut and first novel in this series, so my eagerness to read the follow up was a mix of equal parts excitement and trepidation, trepidation because after being so overwhelmed by the first book I was worried she wouldn't be able to carry on in such a successful way. Well, now I've read it I know I needn't have worried as The Silvering is every bit the knockout The story continues on in the same intricate but well plotted manner without tailing off like some two-novel series do. It also doesn't have the dragged out feel of others which just seem like a ploy to get the reader to buy two books when one would have been sufficient. If you're reading this then I guess you've already read the first novel, so waste no more time and find out for yourself

Product Details
ISBN: 9780994216786
ISBN-10: 0994216785
Publisher: Sonya D Terry
Publication Date: December 18th, 2015
Pages: 434
Language: English
Series: Epiphany