Skills That Succeed: A Communication Guide for Risk-Based Financial Advisers (Paperback)

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With over 40 years' experience in the industry, Russell Collins knows that the top professional advisers are successful because of their persuasive talents. Through the exercise of those talents they encourage people to reach decisions that they know are best, but about which they would prefer to procrastinate. Russell also believes there is a major flaw in the training of new advisers entering the industry. Within the training process there is an overemphasis on product and technical knowledge and a severe under-emphasis on communication skills.

'Skills that Succeed' is about the basics of selling risk insurance, especially life insurance. The common denominator in each of these basics is "communication," especially as it relates to:

The importance of preparation: how can you separate yourself from your competitors from the outset?

The fact-finding meeting: "What do you say after you say hello?"

The importance of the file note, and what to do with the information in the file note

How to assemble and make great presentations

How to get the case through underwriting

Specific sales concepts for both the personal and business owner markets

There is a danger that many who are new to the industry may believe that the more qualifications an adviser possesses, the more successful they will become, but this is not the case. Success is based on communication, which is an art, not a science.


Russell spent 40 years as a Financial Adviser specialising in risk insurance. Since his retirement as an adviser in June 2010, he has maintained his interest in the financial services industry by sharing his knowledge through individual mentoring, one-day workshops and speaking at national and international industry conferences and other events.

His experience in his early years in the personal market, and in his later years in the business owner market, has given him a wide area of expertise which has proven easily transferable to willing listeners interested in investing in their businesses.

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ISBN: 9780994319869
ISBN-10: 099431986X
Publisher: Michael Hanrahan Publishing
Publication Date: May 15th, 2015
Pages: 330
Language: English