Keeping Sheep (Hardcover)

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Keeping Sheep (Hardcover)


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This tale begins with a shepherd watching over his happy flock. From time to time, the shepherd must correct or discipline his sheep for their protection. One day, a bird appears on the scene and convinces a wandering sheep that the shepherd is going to eventually harm the sheep. With this false information, the sheep decides to wander away from the flock and his shepherd to do things his own way. As the sheep travels, he encounters other creatures, including a rhino, alligator, wolf, lion, and snake that don't all seem to have the sheep's best interests in mind. Before long, our sheep finds himself lost, afraid, and in need of protection. He cries out for help, and unwittingly alerts what he assumes will be his ultimate doom - an angry shepherd As the shepherd enters back into the scene, the sheep cowers in fear. The shepherd defends the sheep and fights off his attackers. Confused and curious, the sheep asks why the shepherd would do this for him. The shepherd then explains to the sheep that he loves him very much, even when mistakes are made. Back in the loving care of his shepherd, and the fellowship of his flock, our sheep settles back in for a nice rest.

With a unique art style and a rhyming, bouncing cadence, this book teaches children that they are loved even when they make mistakes. Discipline isn't always meant as a punishment, but sometimes as protection from things that could be worse. This book is an allegory of God's love for us, but does not openly say that is what it is about. As such, the tale can be read in schools, libraries, and churches alike, and can have a broader lesson of the love and protection of any guardian or authority figure in a child's life.

Product Details ISBN: 9780999421505
ISBN-10: 0999421506
Publisher: Matthew Wayne Martin
Publication Date: October 4th, 2017
Pages: 32
Language: English