The AI Edge: Sales Strategies for Unleashing the Power of AI to Save Time, Sell More, and Crush the Competition (Hardcover)

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The AI Edge: Sales Strategies for Unleashing the Power of AI to Save Time, Sell More, and Crush the Competition By Jeb Blount, Anthony Iannarino Cover Image

The AI Edge: Sales Strategies for Unleashing the Power of AI to Save Time, Sell More, and Crush the Competition (Hardcover)


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Upgrade your sales process by plugging into the new power of artificial intelligence

In today's cutthroat sales world, where sales professionals are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities and navigating a sea of relentless competitors, everyone is looking for an edge. What if that EDGE is found in a tool powerful enough to give you more time in your sales day, accelerate your productivity, and still leave room for the human touch that's vital to building relationships? Enter the game-changing world of Artificial Intelligence. Enter The AI Edge.

The AI Edge isn't just another book about technology. Anthony Iannarino and Jeb Blount, the world's most prolific sales book authors and trainers, have come together to transform how you navigate the sales process by helping you plug into artificial intelligence. This groundbreaking, hands-on guide marries their unparalleled sales strategies, used by millions of salespeople, with the transformative power of AI. Drawing from cutting-edge research and real-world applications, the authors demystify AI and demonstrate its potential to give you more time to leverage your human advantage--creativity, empathy, and authenticity--to build deeper relationships and winning solutions that give you a leg up over the competition. Inside you'll find:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the combined wisdom of Blount and Iannarino, two giants in the sales realm, as they lay out the roadmap to plugging into an AI-augmented sales strategy
  • Streamlined Processes & Empowered Engagement: Discover AI's role in automating repetitive tasks, freeing you to fully lean into the uniquely human side of sales: cultivating relationships, unleashing creativity, and offering unparalleled authenticity
  • Sales Prompt Engineering: Get hands-on with tailored prompts that allow you to tap into generative AI and get better results in less time
  • Powerful Messaging: Learn how AI, used effectively, can help you develop and go to market with powerful messaging and presentations that connect with stakeholder needs and separate you from the crowded field
  • Intelligent Insights: Grasp how AI can be leveraged to surface insights that give you instant authority, grab stakeholder attention, and lead to richer, more productive sales conversations
  • Research: Leverage the power of AI to build target prospecting lists that open pipeline opportunities while reducing cold calling and rejection

Navigating the world of AI might seem daunting, but with Iannarino and Blount at the helm, it's a journey of empowerment, innovation, and profound human connection. Embrace a future where technology and humanity come together and carve out your own AI Edge in sales.

Product Details ISBN: 9781394244478
ISBN-10: 1394244479
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: September 11th, 2024
Pages: 256
Language: English