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Louisa Lawson (1848-1920), nee Albury, who also wrote under the pseudonym Dora Falconer was an Australian writer, publisher, suffragist, and feminist. Lawson was born and raised in Mudgee, New South Wales. With her earnings and her experience from working on The Republican, Lawson was able in May 1888, to edit and publish The Dawn. The Dawn was Australia's first journal produced solely by women, and was published monthly and distributed throughout Australia and overseas. The Dawn had a strong feminist perspective and frequently addressed issues such as the women's right to vote and assume public office, women's education, women's economic and legal rights, domestic violence, and temperance. In 1889 Lawson founded The Dawn Club, which became the hub of the suffrage movement in Sydney. In 1891 the New South Wales Women's Suffrage League formed to campaign for women's suffrage, and Lawson allowed the League to use the Dawn office to print pamphlets and literature free of charge. Her works include: Dert and Do (c1895), The Lonely Crossing and Other Poems (1905) and others.

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ISBN: 9781409912491
ISBN-10: 1409912493
Publisher: Dodo Press
Publication Date: January 30th, 2009
Pages: 48
Language: English