English Lexicography from British Tradition to World Englishes (Hardcover)

English Lexicography from British Tradition to World Englishes By Heming Yong Cover Image
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This book unfolds chronologically, comprehensively and coherently, for the first time and under one cover, a spectacular landscape of how lexicographies of core native-speaker varieties of English (other than British English) originate and develop, directly or indirectly, from their British roots to current shapes and prosperity, tracing their evolutional links with and inheritance from British (occasionally American) lexicographical tradition, their interrelation to socio-cultural settings, as well as their reformation and divergences through innovation and self-expansion.

This pioneering work gives special focus to many unknown aspects and areas of world English lexicography and concludes with visions, prospects and possible transformations of its development in the 21st century. It is the first attempt to go beyond the traditional confines of ontological studies in the history of lexicography, integrating sociolinguistic and lexicographical approaches and setting the diachronic explorations of world English lexicography against the broad background of socio-cultural observations. It is the most updated and wide-ranging on the subject treated within a unified framework of English dictionary paradigms going from its archetype to the prescriptive, to the historical, to the descriptive and to the cognitive model.

About the Author

Heming Yong is currently a professor at Guangdong University of Finance, with a doctoral degree from Macquarie University. His academic interests include diachronic lexicography, communicative lexicography and translation studies. He has published several books and his research findings have been reviewed in prestigious journals in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Holland, Australia as well as China.

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ISBN: 9781433186967
ISBN-10: 1433186969
Publisher: Peter Lang Us
Publication Date: December 23rd, 2021
Pages: 194
Language: English