A Fortune In Scrap - Secrets of the Scrap Metal Industry (Paperback)

A Fortune In Scrap - Secrets of the Scrap Metal Industry By Ken Burtwell Cover Image

A Fortune In Scrap - Secrets of the Scrap Metal Industry (Paperback)


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A Fortune in Scrap - Secrets of the Scrap Metal IndustryA Fortune In Scrap is written by industry veteran, Ken Burtwell, and describes how reclamation is vital to the national economy and ranks high on the list of the nation's largest industries.

We're not talking recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans here - sure, that's something all of us can do, but what the average person doesn't know is the "hidden scrap" that's not obvious to the casual observer - and when salvaged properly - is worth a fortune

Ken shows you how to identify different metals with magnets and chemical tests and you'll learn how to prepare them for sale to get the BIGGEST BUCKS possible. Prep tools such as "Flame Cutting" and the awesome power of the "Thermic Lance" are described.

From bridges and old buildings to old locomotives and the rails they run on, Ken covers this and shows you his (old) photos of buildings being demolished and their hidden gems.

This is an example of BIG RECYCLING, and is a necessary process both from an economical and environmental point of view as there is a reduced demand on the Earth's natural resources.

Included are formulas for estimating weights of steel drums, and tables showing weight-per-pound for different metal thicknesses.

After reading Ken's "A Fortune in Scrap", you'll agree that recycling today is BIG BUSINESS and those having the moxie to forge ahead will be well rewarded.
Topics covered in the book are:
  • Steel
  • The Scrap Dealer or Collector
  • Flame Cutting Steel Scrap
  • Better Grade
  • More Value
  • Metal Scrap from Demolition
  • The Thermic Lance (aka Thermal Lance)
  • Railroads and Rail Vehicles
  • Reclamation Equipment
  • Sheet Steel Gauges and Weights
  • More Valuable Scrap Metals
  • Common Metals: Lead And Zinc
  • Less Common Metals and Where To Find Them
  • Identification of Metals
  • Magnetic Testing
  • Government Scrap Sales
  • Precious Metals
  • Silver Coins
  • Testing Various Metals
  • Scrap Dealers

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Publication Date: November 10th, 2012
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