Advanced Excel Success: A Practical Guide to Mastering Excel (Paperback)

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​Chapter 1: Excel Tricks and Data Tools

Chapter Goal: A look at the most useful Data tools in Excel.

No of pages: 40

This chapter shows tricks and Excel tools to boost productivity. Features such as Text to Columns and Find and Replace that are known by many Excel users. But not a way shown in this chapter. It also covers some lesser known Data tools.

Chapter 2: The 10 Power Functions of Excel

Chapter Goal: Learn advanced Excel formulas like never before understanding them intimately. Then covering the 10 power functions behind dynamic reports and Excel models with 'real world' examples.

No of pages: 60

The chapter begins looking at ranges and Boolean expressions in detail. Functions are then categorised - some aggregate, some return ranges. We then move into the power functions and get creative with scenarios they can be used.

Chapter 3: Advanced Formatting Techniques

Chapter Goal: Learn advanced formatting tricks to add more meaning to your data.

No of pages: 30

This chapter will start with some advanced Conditional Formatting techniques. And then take formatting up another step with some very creative uses and unleash the power of Custom Formatting.

Chapter 4: Advanced Chart Tricks

Chapter Goal: Learn advanced chart tricks to make them pop.

No of pages: 40

This chapter will cover a variety of advanced charting tricks. These include automatically changing the color of key metrics, dynamically sort chart data and make them time relative and build creative labels.

Chapter 5: Power Query - You Will Never Work the Same Way

Chapter Goal: To understand the role of Power Query and how it will change the way you work with data.

No of pages: 60

This chapter is a guide to Power Query, one of the most important upgrades in Excel history. The chapter walks through several examples using Power Query to streamline coming data tasks and preparing data for analysis.

Chapter 6: Power Pivot - The Internal Data Model of Excel

Chapter Goal: An introduction guide to Power Pivot.

No of pages: 60

This chapter is a guide to Power Pivot, a feature that goes beyond the Excel spreadsheet. With Power Pivot we can store huge volumes of data, model it and perform powerful calculations. This is all covered in the chapter.

About the Author

Alan is a Microsoft MVP, Excel trainer, YouTuber, and freelance writer. He has been helping people in Excel for over 20 years. He loves training and the joy he gets from knowing he is making people's working lives easier. Alan runs his own blog - Computergaga - and writes for multiple other websites. His YouTube channel has over 500 videos and over 24 million views. He organizes a monthly Excel meetup in London where the Excel community learns, shares, and enjoys each other's company.

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ISBN: 9781484264669
ISBN-10: 1484264665
Publisher: Apress
Publication Date: December 21st, 2020
Pages: 349
Language: English