Freakling (MP3 CD)

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Freakling (MP3 CD)


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Winter 2012 Kids Next List

“Twelve-year-old Taemon lives in a parallel world in which part of the population possesses psi -- the ability to move and manipulate everyday objects in every facet of daily life. When Taemon loses his power and must live with those who use their hands to eat, work, dress, and play, he finds his old ways of living thrown into question. This is a book with battles, secret doors, sporting tournaments, and power-hungry priests, but it?s the bigger question of how we live that leaves the reader, no matter what age, with a sense that this kind of a world may someday intersect with our own. It's this uneasy feeling that makes this story unforgettable.”
— Jenesse Evertson, bbgb books, Richmond, VA

Taemon has always known he's a bit different. But in the walled city of Deliverance, where everyone possesses a form of telekinesis known as psi, being different is dangerous. Being different can get you labeled a freakling. Or worse, see you banished to the Powerless Colony, where even the simplest tasks, like getting dressed or turning on the lights, must be done by hand. Taemon has learned to blend in, to pretend he's just like everyone else in Deliverance. To pretend that he can't send his mind wandering into objects and see exactly how they work. But Taemon's brother, Yens, suspects the truth, and he'll stop at nothing--even murder--to expose Taemon's secret.

In this thrilling dystopian novel from newcomer Lana Krumwiede, Taemon must choose between accepting his life among the freaklings or fighting for the destiny he's never wanted?--and all that comes with it.

Product Details ISBN: 9781491581308
ISBN-10: 1491581301
Publisher: Candlewick on Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: June 27th, 2014
Language: English
Series: Psi Chronicles