Think Palestine: To Unlock Us-Israelis & Arabs Conflicts Vol. II (Paperback)

Think Palestine: To Unlock Us-Israelis & Arabs Conflicts Vol. II By Jamil Effarah Cover Image
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Dr. Effarah's weekly editorials and articles in this volume are based on developing events that took place involving the USA Administrations and their policies of support to Israel in the conflicts among Palestinians, Arabs and Israelis. This book is intended to those students, teachers, politicians, executives, policy makers, and others who are interested or involved in the Middle East. Dr. Effarah interprets these events and policies as reflected by his six years (2007-2012) of writings that started since 1952. As an Arab American independent thinker, he judges events according to their merits while acting as a participant observer to the one-sided American policy toward the Middle East. He records and highlights the facts in an attempt to find the key to unlock the Palestinian, Arab and Israeli conflicts. His personal feelings and interpretations towards the proceedings represent a major part in presenting the events that took place in that period. To find solutions to the Palestinians' dilemma is to be fair and think Palestine. To "think Palestine" is to understand how to find the real key to just solutions to the problems in that region. Dr. Effarah attempts to create a voice for Arab Americans to stand up and be counted and act as an integral part of the American society. He keeps pressing for more American-Arab participation in the political process, for more transparency, and for faster and farther reaching to the Americans' hearts and minds by trying to make them understand the Arabs' situations, and Arab Christian Patrimony, culture and heritage. Dr. Effarah attempts to create an Arab American balanced policy to reach Americans and convince them that there are special interests groups and influential lobbyists in Washington, D.C. who misinform media and try to spin around while beholding to the fabricated Israeli points of view. To counterbalance the Zionist efforts, Arab Americans should "think Palestine" and ask the American citizens to find answers for why the American citizens, the taxpayers, give money outright to Israel: more than $8.5 million per day, according to the CIA Factbook in 2012.

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