Introduction to the Contemporary Art in Arab Land: Part 2 (Paperback)

Introduction to the Contemporary Art in Arab Land: Part 2 By Shawkat Alrubaie Cover Image
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The book brings together for the first time in the history of contemporary art in the 22 Arab countries, the efforts of the distinguished artists of the pioneers and young people, professional and amateur . Who participated their mark on the face of the contemporary art movement, and influential in the depth of experience of the current art exhibition in the Arab world . We tried to be a tab in a standard format, because the nature of the research seeks to unit basic ingredients in the prevailing art trends and directions in the curriculum, methods and formulations in Aloqtararabh, and to search for national identity in the content, and human identity in the selection of formats. To interact with the nature of the current civilization .. From here came in search of basic aspirations that accompanied the march of the Arab human civilization since the first century of migration in the Arab history . As the most prosperous, that the period between the early second century of migration = early Umayyad period . Shows the late third century AH = sighting of the Abbasid era, to determine the value of creativity in the Arab world, and in essence self- Arab . Forty years of follow-up . Ten years of field research in all Arab countries . This intensive effort, it appears at the moment the bus required replied in the real, as it is from a lack of Talaat stage and crystallized . The objective of this field experiment documentary cash Almarefah together, we started to delve into the vividly, since 1960, is the codification and examine the gains achieved by the artists experiences distinct where, in earlier decades, and subject to the value of objective criticism and positive together, lens modern consciousness, to determine the privacy features historical and critical spirit of the Arab mind and intellectual freedom . And help in it, kind of thought adopted by the authors ( innovative thinking, and the New Criticism, and visions of the future ), and the fact, do not be such a substance normally, waiting, to the vitality of thought posed by new and novelty . It is a summary of the most important experiences of artists in other Arab countries at the present stage . It also is the first text of cash, sublimate his own language graceful amazing collected between cognitive and semantic dimension and richness of content between the mosaic smooth, shape and dazzling brightness . This book is a reflection of the spirit and the value of finished Fine creators, who appeared in the period witnessed the presence of the flamboyantly hair, music, story, novel, drama, criticism, and Amtazoa novelty shape and beauty photography and smoothly and depth of style, and visions for the future.

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ISBN: 9781491896198
ISBN-10: 1491896191
Publisher: Authorhouse UK
Publication Date: March 14th, 2014
Pages: 374
Language: Arabic