Making Media Theory: Thinking Critically with Technology (Paperback)

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Making Media Theoryis about the study, practice, and hands-on design of media theory. It looks at experimental research methods and engages in media analysis, inviting readers to respond to and shape the materiality of media while carefully considering the implications of living in a technoculture. The author walks readers through the creation of digital objects to think with, where critical design practices serve as tools for exploring social and philosophical issues related to technological being and becoming.

About the Author

Marcel O'Gorman is a University Research Chair, Professor of English, and Founding Director of the Critical Media Lab (CML), where he teaches courses in digital design and the philosophy of technology, at the University of Waterloo, Canada. O'Gorman has published widely about the impacts of technology on society, including his most recent book Necromedia (2015) and articles in Slate, The Atlantic, and The Globe and Mail. He is also a digital artist with an international portfolio of exhibitions and performances.

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ISBN: 9781501358616
ISBN-10: 1501358618
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Date: October 29th, 2020
Pages: 240
Language: English