The Modern Day Gunslinger: The Ultimate Handgun Training Manual (Paperback)

The Modern Day Gunslinger: The Ultimate Handgun Training Manual By Don Mann, Lt. David Grossman (Foreword by) Cover Image

The Modern Day Gunslinger: The Ultimate Handgun Training Manual (Paperback)

By Don Mann, Lt. David Grossman (Foreword by)


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“This book will save lives.” —Dick Conger. An all-encompassing manual that addresses safety, equipment, tactics, and the best practices for all shooters, here is an all-encompassing book of use to every gun owner.

A result of twelve years of research, The Modern Day Gunslinger was written to meet the needs of the gun owner, the experienced shooter, those who own a weapon strictly for home and self-defense, and for the military member who wants to become a better shooter in defense of our country.

It’s also for the law enforcement officer who risks his or her life going against the thugs of our society and for anyone interested in learning the defensive and tactical training techniques from some of the best and most experienced shooters in the world.

This comprehensive training manual includes chapters on:
  • Weapons and Range Safety
  • Dry Fire
  • Use of Force
  • Living in a Battlefield
  • Combat Mindset
  • Shooting Competence
  • Handguns
  • Defensive Handgun Ammunition
  • Marksmanship
  • Stance
  • Basic Kneeling Positions
  • Ready Positions
  • The Draw Strokes
  • Grip and Trigger Control
  • Visual Techniques and Sight Alignment
  • Multiple Shots
  • Follow-Through and Scan
  • Loading, Reloading, and Unloading
  • Malfunctions
  • Low- and No-Light Shooting
  • Concealed Carry and Holsters
  • Learning Styles
  • Training Fundamentals
  • Shooting Drills

The shooting skills taught in this book carry broad application in civilian, law enforcement, and military contexts. Common criminals, terrorists, assailants—the enemy and threat—all will find themselves outgunned in the face of a properly armed and trained gunslinger. Members of the armed services, government and law enforcement agencies, as well as civilians, will find that the close-range shooting methods addressed in this book can provide a decisive advantage.
Don Mann’s impressive military resume includes being a decorated combat veteran; corpsman; SEAL special operations technician; jungle survival, desert survival, and arctic survival instructor; small arms weapons, foreign weapons, armed and unarmed defense tactics, and advanced hand-to-hand combat instructor; and Survival, Evade, Resistance, and Escape instructor, in addition to other credentials. He lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.
The Modern Day Gunslinger should be every shooter’s bible! It delivers a straightforward approach to what we all know, or knew, or should know, setting it straight as it should be and serving as a daily reminder of the natural bad habits we all have. It deserves to be on the bedside nightstand to peruse regularly – especially if you don’t get to shoot often enough.”
—Dick Marcinko, a.k.a. Rogue Warrior, Commanding Officer SEAL Team SIX and Red Cell (Ret.) and author of the New York Times bestseller Rogue Warrior

The Modern Day Gunslinger is pure dynamite—a gunfighter’s bible. With a fundamental, broad-based foundation of resources, it incorporates the best contributions of the great minds and great trainers in this field. A ‘must’ for the beginner, the master, or (perhaps most of all) the trainer.
—Lt. Col. David Grossman, Lt. Col., U.S. Army (ret.), author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated On Killing and On Combat, and President of the Warrior Science Group

“Great book! The Modern Day Gunslinger should be read by everyone who owns or is considering owning a firearm. Don Mann calls upon his vast experience as a ‘shooter’ to cover all aspects of shooting but most importantly the mental aspects. He correctly stresses that anyone can shoot at a paper target but not everyone is prepared to shoot at another person in self-defense. This is the best and most concise compendium on weapons defensive tactics I’ve seen!
—Robert Gormly, Commanding Officer (Ret.), SEAL Team TWO and SEAL Team SIX

The Modern Day Gunslinger incorporates real-world survival principles and today’s high-speed competition shooting techniques—I highly recommend it to everyone, from novice to seasoned pro. Even if you don’t own a firearm, the personal awareness section justifies its purchase.”
—Brian Enos, NRA Bianchi Cup and Sportsman’s Team Challenge National Champion, Steel Masters Champion, and author of Practical Shooting—Beyond Fundamentals

“I’ve been both a student and an instructor of firearms safety, marksmanship, and tactics for almost 40 years. During all those years, all those venues, and all the courses attended and conducted, I’ve never encountered anything that comes as close to saying it all as The Modern Day Gunslinger does. I know there will be instructors and students who will be reading MGD for decades to come. This book will save lives.
—Dick Conger, Senior Special Agent (Ret.), U.S. Customs Service, and USG Senior Weapons and Tactics Instructor

This is the most all-encompassing book on shooting I have ever seen. The complete breakdown of every aspect of combat shooting is meticulously discussed, giving the shooter the concrete fundamentals necessary for fully-developed gunslinger skills. Many how-to manuals try to walk a fine line between covering every detail without boring the reader and trying to hit only the high points to keep the information flowing. Don’s writing style has changed the rules altogether. Not only is there a fantastic level of detail, but the facts are presented in a crystal clear fashion, illuminating the fine points in a dynamic approach that allows the reader to enjoy the process and not be intimidated by dry prose. I recommend this book for everybody, whether you are a local shooting champion or a novice who has never held a gun before. If you are even thinking about improving your tactical shooting ability, put all the other books back on the shelf: You have found everything you need in The Modern Day Gunslinger.”
—Jimmy B., Senior Firearms and Tactics Instructor, USG

A comprehensive, defensive tactical training guide has been long overdue. Don Mann has filled that gap. The Modern Day Gunslinger is an all-inclusive manual that addresses safety, equipment, tactics, and best practices for all shooters. Don and I served together at two different SEAL Commands. I owned an indoor shooting range in Tucson, Arizona, for 10 years and only wish that Don had published this manual then. As an NRA instructor and Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons instructor, I can state emphatically that this manual would have been the only reference my instructors and I would have needed. It would have been mandatory reading for all students.”
—Dan T. Coulter, Commander Navy SEAL Team (Ret.)

“As an FBI agent, I have instructed government agents in small arms and tactics from all over the world. The Modern Day Gunslinger is an invaluable resource to the FBI and other U.S. government agencies. I have taught firearms, hostage rescue, tactics, and street survival to every level of law enforcement and this book is the only manual that covers every detail of today’s gun-fighting issues.”
—Roger D. Browning, Special Agent (Ret.), Federal Bureau of Investigation and USG Senior Weapons and Tactics Instructor

“Don Mann is an outstanding example of the military men this nation produces, and a top-notch tactical operator and instructor. The Modern Day Gunslinger is designed for the novice and expert alike, whose needs range from home defense to government and military missions. It is a very interesting read, chock full of information that may save your life or the life of another. It will have a special place in my library.”
—Edward J. Pollard, Assistant Director (Ret.), Protective Operations, United States Secret Service

“During my 25-year career I worked and trained throughout the world as a government weapons and tactics instructor with the CIA, and as an undercover law enforcement officer. Until now, there has not been a single comprehensive training manual that references all the defensive training and shooting procedures currently taught to the world’s most elite military and law enforcement units. The Modern Day Gunslinger unlocks the fundamental training secrets in a clear and concise manner, and illuminates a tangible approach to the world of defensive and tactical shooting.”
—Jon F., Senior Tactics and Weapons Instructor, USG

“Don Mann has produced a true quality, top-notch product with his book The Modern Day Gunslinger. Don lays it out in layman’s terms and covers the whole gambit of shooting skills that build and develop sound shooting techniques from novice to top-notch shooters. Utilizing Don’s guidance and skills related in this book, shooters will be able to achieve that higher ability of shooting perfection that will allow them to save lives and be able to return to their loved ones. This is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive, easy-to-read, and understandable instructional shooting book I have ever seen. This is the type of book that will be the milestone on which books on shooting, shooting skills, marksmanship, defensive use of weapons, practical combat applications of weapons, and mind-set will be measured in the future.”
—Jim G. Master, Sergeant (Ret.), Special Forces/Ranger/LEO

“Finally, a one-stop source for weapons tactics, techniques, and procedures. I’ve spent a career in Special Operations, conducting overt, covert, and clandestine operations, learning this all the hard way. Now someone has finally made it simple. Don Mann is a true Quiet Professional. Thanks to him you can simply learn from the best, skip the trial and error, and start concentrating on putting rounds on target.”
—Major Luther Papenfus, Major, U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.)

A wide-ranging, detailed compendium of the art and philosophy of shooting, written by an experienced SEAL and student of both. This is a must read for anyone wishing to understand or master that art.”
—Dan’l Steward, Commanding Officer (Ret.), SEAL Team One

“As chief of law enforcement and firearms instructor, witnessing Don Mann Speak and instruct is an extremely motivating experience. His professional, calm, and confident demeanor is a quality that sets Don apart from other weapons and tactics instructors. Students listen and learn—knowing every word spoken is from years of real-world operational experience. I know of no other person who has mastered his craft more expertly, and I know of no better defensive training manual than The Modern Day Gunslinger.”
—Jan Wright, Chief of Police, Hamburg, New Jersey, Police Department Rc5

“I trained and deployed overseas with Don Mann and have known him well for over 25 years. Don is a world-class weapons and tactics instructor and The Modern Day Gunslinger is a testament to Don’s knowledge as weapons instructor. The Modern Day Gunslinger is an excellent resource for everyone that has an interest in weapons training—from the military or law enforcement weapons instructor to the novice interested in home defense.”
—Randy Goodman, U.S. Navy (SEAL) Captain (Ret.) and Naval Special Warfare Group Commander

Don Mann is a true warrior. He speaks from a place of knowledge and experience, and has truly ‘been there, done that.’ By writing The Modern Day Gunslinger, he has done an incredible service to the law enforcement, military, and private security communities, not to mention the everyday warriors who understand today’s reality: that each one of us is responsible for our own survival.”
—Niki Anderson, Counterintelligence Advisor, Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies

“During the last 45 years, I have carried a variety of weapons as a combat Marine, a Secret Service Law enforcement Officer, and a USG security contractor. There can be grave legal consequences for anyone improperly carrying or discharging a firearm. My recommendation would be that no one pick up a firearm until they read what Don Mann has written. The Modern Day Gunslinger will assist all levels of shooters by presenting clear-cut information covering every aspect of firearm safety and training.”
—Bill Wamsley, Deputy Chief (Ret.), U.S. Secret Service

“I personally learned so much from The Modern Day Gunslinger, which I consider to be a complete instructional manual for defensive shooting. More importantly, it clearly addresses the responsibility and accountability issues for using a weapon in self-defense. Don Mann addresses the mental aspects that are fundamentally most important in the use of a handgun for self-defense. This book is a terrific tool for beginners and veteran handgun owners who may someday be called to act with a handgun to preserve life, as well as take it. Quite frankly, I found it difficult to put it down.”
—Dr. Raymond Fritz, Navy SEAL Commander

“The USMC taught me how to use firearms effectively in combat situations. The Modern Day Gunslinger builds in depth on this knowledge and experience by clearly discussing safe and effective use of weapons and tactics in civil society, home and personal protection, as well as unusual circumstances. Don Mann’s devotion to practicing and teaching these techniques makes this outstanding book a classic in the field. Not only a must read, but an essential study for any shooter.
—William Davis, PhD, USMC

The Modern Day Gunslinger is a versatile and effective compilation of range safety practices, marksmanship techniques, and combat tactics that will benefit both novice and advanced shooters in many arenas.”
—Paul F. Kelly, Firearms Instructor, Special Agent (Ret.), U.S. Secret Service

The Modern Day Gunslinger is a realistic, practical, easy-to-comprehend manual of the small arms tactics, techniques, and procedures used successfully by our professional and military gunfighters. I recommend this book as an essential reference to anyone committed to perfecting their firearms handling skills.”
—John Stann, Captain, USMC

“Don Mann’s The Modern Day Gunslinger is a concise, practical book on defensive tactical shooting. It is an essential read for anyone from the gun owner interested in home protection to the seasoned military or law enforcement professional. The techniques presented from mind-set and ‘survivor’s awareness’ to marksmanship and then on to tactics is, without a doubt, the clearest presentation of defensive shooting I have ever read. This book is highly recommended to anyone interested in seriously improving their shooting skills!”
—Norm Creel, Command Master Chief, SEAL Team Eight

“I believe The Modern Day Gunslinger to be an ideal handbook for all shooters. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced shooting professional, there are many lessons and references from which we can all gain. I strongly recommend you pick up a copy of The Modern Day Gunslinger for your library; it’s well worth it. I give The MDG my strongest endorsement.
—Steven W. Bailey, Master Chief, Navy SEAL, USG Weapons and Tactics Program Manager

“[The Modern Day Gunslinger] delivered… Filled with training drills, techniques, and explanations. It is copiously illustrated with photographs, and is a very valuable addition to a training library… The Modern Day Gunslinger is the ultimate handgun training manual, and I am glad it is in my library – I use it quite often in my own personal training, and I whole-heartedly endorse it for your training. Because it can make a difference if you actually follow the guidelines in the book, you should own it. I recommend that you not only read this book, but get out and practice what it says.”
—David Nash, founder of the Shepherd School

“[There is] a lot to cover in a 420 page manual, but Mann does it in a concise, organized, and well presented way. Each chapter breaks down further, into several sub-sections, further organizing an already excellent collection of techniques, tips, and drills. The photography… provides us a clear explanation of the technique or movement in question… [The Modern Day Gunslinger] would be an excellent purchase or gift for shooters of any level.”
—Gúra Chia, Practical Shooting Tips .com

The Modern Day Gunslinger: The Ultimate Handgun Training Manual is by far one of the most detailed compendiums on pistolcraft I have read in a long time. The book covers a lot of information not covered in most pistol books; topics range from the mental aspects to the hardware, as well as the dynamics and mechanics of gunfighting and advanced marksmanship… I highly recommend this book to military and law enforcement personal as well as the concerned and armed citizen.”
—Troy A. Letteiri, founder and Senior Training Director for the internationally recognized Special Operations Tactical Tracking Institute (SOTTI) and author of Scout-Tracker: Operational and Training Notes of a Special Forces Combat Tracker

A practical book for experienced and beginner shooters. As a BSIS firearms permit instructor in Chino Hills, CA, I was looking for a good read to remind me of the fundamentals of shooting… Mann did an excellent job reminding us of the techniques used by the ‘pros’ such as Jeff Copper… I liked how he used photos to complement each of his discussions… Worth every dime.
—Shaun Sundahl, Chino Hills Private Investigator


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