Survival: Survival Pantry: A Prepper's Guide to Storing Food and Water (Paperback)

Survival: Survival Pantry: A Prepper's Guide to Storing Food and Water By Fredrick M. Woods Cover Image
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Survival: Survival Pantry Ever thought about what would happen if a major disaster occurred and you never had a stockpile of food and water... How would you survive? Learn about Canning & Preserving and Food/Water storage in this book Global events, social unrest, terrorism, natural disasters, these issues and more can be seen plaguing the news at every turn. Is it any wonder that a growing portion of the population is doing what they can to ensure that their families will be provided for when the worst happens? If you are interested in learning about the ways you can ensure you and yours aren't left out in the cold then Survival: Survival Pantry, a Prepper's Guide to Storing Food and Water may be just what you are looking for. Taking the extra time to prepare now can have long-term results and one of the best ways to do so is by canning and preserving your own foods. Most of us are only a few generations removed from growing and canning on our own food and yet the practice has dramatically fallen out of favour. Inside you will find a detailed discussion of the benefits of both water bath and pressure canning as well as the specifics to practice each confidently and without having to worry about botulism. There is also a comprehensive guide to storing water and the best ways to find new long-term water sources. This Is What You'll Discover Inside Everything you need to start canning at home without buying any specialized equipment One recipe which is great for canning, beef, elk, venison and pork How to can nearly a dozen different fruits and vegetables Tips On How To Prepare Food For Storage One canning recipe which works for any soup Free Bonus And Much, much more.

About the Author

Hi, My name is Fredrick M. Woods and i've been into Survival and Prepping for many years now. Over time it's developed into more than just a hobby for me, It's something i'm very passionate about and now love sharing my knowledge and experience on the topic with others. I hope you find valuable information in the books i'm about to share with you and put it into good use. Stay safe, Be prepared! Fred

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ISBN: 9781533068293
ISBN-10: 1533068291
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2016
Pages: 24
Language: English