The American Canal in Panama: The Relinquishment (Hardcover)

The American Canal in Panama: The Relinquishment By William Drummond Cover Image
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A series of Treaties occurred from 1903 through 1955 that slowly unraveled the right of the United States to effectively govern the Canal.

This book begins with my life while working as an employee of the United States government, but it could have been written about any government employee.

President Carter used all the offices of the government to clear the way for the treaty that gave away the canal.

Th newly elected President, Reagan, decided to push back on the drift left in Central and South America.

As a pretext over repeated attacks against Americans, and threats against the Canal, the United States invaded Panama and removed the dictator, Noriega, from power. In his place, the United States installed Endara as president of Panama. When the Balladares Presidency replaced Endara, corruption increased tenfold.

The Canal piers system was put up for bids. Through bribery, China won that bid. The Clinton administration supported that decision.

The Clinton administration covered up human trafficking within its own State Department, China, and Panama. Even before Clinton became president, the Chinese government was intent on corrupting the United States at every level.

The third locks were opened in 2016. The direct influence in the Panama Canal by the United States was essentially terminated in the year 2000.

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ISBN: 9781535613989
ISBN-10: 153561398X
Publisher: Canal Zone Public Information Corporation
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2019
Pages: 386
Language: English