Inspired, Not Retired: Leadership Lessons from Father to Son (Paperback)

Inspired, Not Retired: Leadership Lessons from Father to Son By Jr. Randolph, Burl W. Cover Image

Inspired, Not Retired: Leadership Lessons from Father to Son (Paperback)


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He spent over 30 years proudly serving our country. But his greatest lessons came from a special bond with his father.

For Colonel Burl Randolph, Jr., leadership began at home as a young boy in the toughest streets of Kansas City, MO. Though the elder Randolph was a man of few words but had great vision, the younger Randolph was molded by his dad's actions. And when the decorated, successful Army officer faced his retirement, he recalled the heartfelt message his dad told him many years before:

"A man ought to always stay busy."

Far more than a tribute to his father, Dr. Randolph offers a powerful story showing the mentoring and coaching influence a strong father and parent can have on a child's future. Becoming an accomplished leadership and management expert, Dr. Randolph defended our country for nearly 32 years in the US Army, retiring as a colonel with three combat tours in Iraq.

In this unique memoir and account of leadership and life lessons learned, you'll discover:
  • How a parent's wisdom can provide life-changing advice.
  • Why knowing yourself is your greatest asset.
  • How retirement is just the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another one.
  • How pursuing your passion can go far beyond a career in leaving a legacy.
  • Includes an extensive array of photos chronicling Dr. Randolph's personal and professional lives.

Inspired, Not Retired is an extraordinary homage to a father-son relationship like no other.

"I have applied the lessons learned from my father throughout my life." Dr. Burl Randolph, Jr.

If you like true-life stories of deeply felt love and honor, courage and resilience, and learning how mentorship can help with pivotal transitions, then you'll be moved by Dr./Colonel Burl Randolph, Jr.'s astonishing biography.Buy Inspired, Not Retired today to explore a man's deepest strengths.
Product Details ISBN: 9781536818468
ISBN-10: 1536818461
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 5th, 2019
Pages: 214
Language: English