Anne of green gables (Paperback)

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Anne of Green Gables (original title: Anne of Green Gables) is a novel written in 1908 by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. In Switzerland, he was released for the first time in 1925 under the title Anne, or the happy Illusions; in France in 1964 by Hachette in the collection Green Library under the title Anne and happiness; Quebec, in 1986. The character of Anne Anne is a young girl with red hair dazzling, freckles, gray-green eyes, and that is too thin. She has a vivid imagination and sees life with a contagious optimism. Anne is very playful and has a way to imagine landscapes and fairy tales she likes to share with those who are with her, whether Marilla, Matthew and Diana. Anne has the gift of finding the courage to face the people who terrorize in others, like the aunt of Diana who, according to it, is a real ogre. She has a pure soul and with all his awkwardness, it retains all the warmth of a person who longs to be loved sincerely. Summary When Matthew left for the Bright River station that night, he expected to find a little boy. It was what his sister Marilla and decided him to adopt a little boy to help on the farm. But it's not a boy, but a girl who is waiting at the station and Matthew feels badly to the idea of telling her that an error occurred and to leave without her. This is why it takes the initiative to bring her back to Green Gables, Avonlea. During the journey, Matthew takes a liking to the little and tries to convince Marilla to keep it. However it decided to go see Mrs. Spencer to discover where does the error and whether it is possible to return to the orphanage Anne. But Mrs. Spencer then remembers that another woman might have the opportunity to take the little girl. When Marilla realizes who it is, she prefers to take time to think about it. Anne managed to quickly take a place in the heart of the old maid and Marilla decides to reveal his decision to keep in Avonlea. Anne made his way quickly wherever she goes: she makes her friend Diana Barry heart, and his enemies Josie Pye and Gilbert Blythe. It is with the latter that it develops a competition at school: she makes a point of being better than him, and since the day he had the bad idea to call Coat of Carrot, the thereby humiliating the whole class. And even after he was out of the lake when the boat Barry had taken water, she still refuses his friendship. Later, Anne Gilbert, Jane, Josie, Charlie Moody and pass a test to get into the prestigious Queen's school: the whole class pass handily and all leave the following year at Queen's. At the end of the year, while all nervously, will see their results, Anne has the good fortune to learn that she won the Avery scholarship. A few days after his return to Avonlea, Matthew died of a heart attack when he learned in the newspaper that he and his sister have lost their life savings. Anne decides to put his side of dreams to stay with Marilla. She decides to bring his name to White Sands School to teach: in winter it would lodge there and fall as the spring she would return trips. However, it is his great pleasure she learns that Gilbert leaves her school Avonlea and he himself will teach at White Sands School. One night, when she went to Diana, they meet and decide to make peace and become good friends.

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