The A to Z of Final Expense: Field & Phone Sales (Paperback)

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Steven G. is a #1 Best Selling Author with his first book written, "Final Expense Boot Camp". He has taken over the publishing channels with five books in the Final Expense department. Steven started as an agent, worked is way up the ranks just as he did while serving in the Unites States Marine Corps. After gaining a vast amount of knowledge in both field and phone sales, Steven started his own online Final Expense Telesales company - eClick "Insured with a CLICK". eClick offers agents an opportunity that he wasn't afforded- in his first seven years of the business: A way to have ownership per se of his career and his business. eClick offers an agent the ability to become a Franchise Owner from day one. We recommend those with experience explore this path but the option is yours. eClick provides you all the tools from a duplicable system- allowing you to skip the pains of starting your own company. This book covers everything that Steven has experienced and learned- while publishing five books on these topics mentioned. If you are new to the business- you'll learn more in a few hours reading this guide than most do in a career. It's not the in depth, describe how to do every single thing you need to know- emails, route planners, and things you need to learn on your own. However, this book takes you from A to Z - from an agent- ordering leads- contracting- who to work with and whom to not- franchising, and how to invest in yourself, your career and ultimately making a successful career in the final expense arena. All Insurance Agents will learn some valuable insight in your journey through these books. It's written in the language of Steven per se. He doesn't profess to be an English Major. English and grammar were his least favorite subjects in school. He tells it straight, uncut, and a Marine type attitude- that in which is always pushing forward and never quitting. Sit back, take some notes and we hope you learn some valuable tools, techniques, and philosophies that have made Steven a lot of money in this business. Steven sold eClick and now owns Visit us online.

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ISBN: 9781546550457
ISBN-10: 1546550453
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 7th, 2017
Pages: 280
Language: English