From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and Sky Science (Paperback)

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From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and Sky Science (Paperback)


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Imagine you're sitting next to a pilot on a flight and he's eager to answer all those nagging questions you have about air travel. Are those bumps and noises normal? Why are some take-offs delayed? What happens if there's a storm? How does this plane stay in the air, anyway?

In From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and Sky Science, pilot, meteorologist, and flight-school instructor Doug Morris lets you take the window seat on a trip around the world, giving you the scoop on everything from take-off to landing. He explains what you see looking out the window, what that window is made of, and how the plane is kept in rigorous flying condition. Perfect for informing the aviation enthusiast and calming the fearful flier, From the Flight Deck tells you everything you want to know about commercial airline travel: the physics of flight, how airplanes work and what they're made of, how pilots are trained, route planning and the importance of the ground crew, turbulence, flying in storms, what the flight crew gets up to on layovers, and much more. With facts, trivia, humour, and illuminating photos throughout, From the Flight Deck is the ultimate flight companion.

Doug Morris, author of From the Flight Deck, is an Air Canada Airbus 320 captain and a certified meteorologist. He writes a monthly aviation column for enRoute, Air Canada's in-flight magazine, as well as for newspapers and other aviation and weather publications. He lives in Oakville, Ontario, with his wife and three children.
Product Details ISBN: 9781550227659
ISBN-10: 1550227653
Publisher: ECW Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2007
Pages: 176
Language: English

"Filled with information for frequent and fearful flyers, aviation enthusiasts, pilots in training and the general public."  The Oakville Beaver

"There is something here for everyone who steps on a plane. Morris writes in a lively and entertaining style, pulling back the curtain on the world of aviation."  The Expositor