The Circle of Socrates (Paperback)

The Circle of Socrates By George Boys-Stones (Translator), Christopher Rowe (Translator) Cover Image

The Circle of Socrates (Paperback)

By George Boys-Stones (Translator), Christopher Rowe (Translator)


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In addition to works by Plato and Xenophon, we know of dozens of treatises and dialogues written by followers of Socrates that are now lost. The surviving evidence for these writings constitutes an invaluable resource for our understanding of Socrates and his philosophical legacy. The Circle of Socrates presents new--sometimes the first--English translations of a representative selection of this evidence, set alongside extracts from Plato and Xenophon. The texts are arranged according to theme, with concise introductions that provide an overview of the topics and the main lines of thought within them.

The aim is to give a fuller account of the philosophical activity of Socrates' immediate followers: both to shed light on less well known figures (some of whom inspired schools and movements that were influential in the development of later thought), and also to improve our grasp of the intellectual context within which Plato and Xenophon, the most important of the Socratics, lived and wrote. Included are a general introduction to the history, content, and character of these writings; a bibliography; an index of sources; and an index of the Socratics and their works.

George Boys-Stones is Professor of Ancient Philosophy at the University of Durham, England.Christopher Rowe is Emeritus Professor of Greek at the University of Durham, England.
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