Finding Rest in Meditation: The Trilogy of Rest, Volume 2 (Paperback)

Finding Rest in Meditation: The Trilogy of Rest, Volume 2 By Longchenpa, Padmakara Translation Group (Translated by) Cover Image
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Released in paperback for the first time, this new translation of the Tibetan master Longchenpa's famous work systematically presents the path of meditation according to the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition.

Longchenpa's Finding Rest in Meditation is a classic Buddhist text outlining the main points of meditation, namely, where one should meditate, what qualities a practitioner should possess and develop, and what should be practiced. These instructions are a pithy distillation of the entirety of the Buddhist path designed to stabilize one's direct awareness of the nature of mind through meditative absorption.

The Padmakara Translation Group has provided us with a clear and fluid translation to Finding Rest in Meditation, which will serve as a genuine aid to study and meditation. This text follows the first volume of Longchenpa's trilogy, Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind, which focuses on establishing the view and precedes the final volume, Finding Rest in Illusion, which focuses on post-meditation yogic conduct.

About the Author

LONGCHEN RABJAM (1308-1363) is Tibet's most famous master of the Dzogchen tradition. He was a prolific scholar, poet, and accomplished spiritual practitioner. He authored hundreds of seminal texts that make up the core of Nyingma traditional instructions, systematically connecting traditional Buddhist thought with esoteric Dzogchen instructions.

The PADMAKARA TRANSLATION GROUP, based in France, has a distinguished reputation for all its translations of Tibetan texts and teachings. Its work has been published in several languages and is renowned for its clear and accurate literary style.

Praise For…

“Gyalwa Longchen Rabjam, the omniscient king of Dharma, was without doubt one of the greatest scholars and masters of the Old Translation school and of Tibetan Buddhism generally. Pouring forth directly from the ocean of his enlightened wisdom, his writings are the vehicle of an inexhaustible power of blessing. If merely to see and hear them in Tibetan is of immense benefit, there is no need to speak of the advantage of being able to study and understand them in one’s own language. It has long been my wish that Longchenpa’s Trilogy of Rest, of which Finding Rest in Meditation is the second volume, should be translated into easily accessible English, and I am glad that the Padmakara translators have, at long last, been able to complete this task. I hope that many will profit from the teachings contained in these texts and dedicate all the efforts that have gone into their production, without forgetting the generosity of its sponsors, to the benefit of all beings.”
—Taklung Tsetrul Pema Wangyal

“Omniscient Longchenpa’s Seven Treasures and Trilogy of Rest are the greatest inspirations for the entire Nyingma school and all who follow the Great Perfection path as a means to attaining the state of Samantabhadra. I am delighted that Padmakara has accomplished this translation of Finding Rest in Meditation from the Ngalso Korsum, which I am sure will be a tremendous service to the Nyingma tradition and all those interested in the Buddhadharma in general. My immense gratitude for this accomplishment and publication.”
—Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

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ISBN: 9781611807530
ISBN-10: 1611807530
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication Date: October 20th, 2020
Pages: 192
Language: English