No Phule Like An Old Phule (Phule's Company #5) (Paperback)

No Phule Like An Old Phule (Phule's Company #5) By Robert Asprin, Peter J. Heck Cover Image
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What's a millionaire bachelor to do? Join the army--with his butler--of course.

Meet Captain Willard Phule and his company of misunderstood misfits. Together, they've taken space by storm--and left a tradition of zaniness and laughter in their wake...

Desperate to kick Phule out of the Space Legion, General Blitzkrieg sends a crack team of environmental investigators--including celebrity canine Barky the Environmental Dog--to sniff out Phule and his unnatural disasters.

It doesn't take long. Phule is hosting a group of big-game hunters who think they can bag a dinosaur on Zenobia. Needless to say, dinosaurs are not a native species. But cold, hard facts never stopped a Phule...

And neither will Barky's cold, wet nose.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781614754602
ISBN-10: 1614754608
Publisher: Wordfire Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 2017
Pages: 306
Language: English
Series: Phule's Company