When Touching Is Bad (Large Print / Paperback)

When Touching Is Bad By Penelope Dyan, Penelope Dyan (Illustrator) Cover Image

When Touching Is Bad (Large Print / Paperback)

By Penelope Dyan, Penelope Dyan (Illustrator)


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Sometimes touching is bad and sometimes touching is good; and the difference is really quite simple, especially when explained by award winning author, attorney and former teacher, Penelope Dyan in terms a child can really understand. So many, many times explaining these things to children is overlooked; and there is really no good reason NOT to have this very serious discussion with a child. The problem is you do not want to frighten a child, and oftentimes this can happen. Bad people sometimes don't even look scary, and may even be someone you know. What a person does is what defines them, and that is the only discussion here. We need to empower our children and to prevent bad things from happening to them, because once something has happened it is too late to undo. This is why Penelope Dyan has written this book. Children know they are not supposed to talk to strangers, or ride in cars with strangers, or take candy from strangers; but they also need to know what a bad touch is and when touching is bad. This is why Dyan wrote this book. And yes, once again, this book teaches reading skills through word recognition and rhyme, and is filled with lots of fun illustrations and rhyme to encourage kids to shout out words There is also a music video on the Bellissima Publishing, LLC YouTube Bellissimavideo channel that goes along with this book and lends fun support to the discussion.

Product Details ISBN: 9781614770886
ISBN-10: 1614770883
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Bellissima Publishing
Publication Date: March 12th, 2013
Pages: 34
Language: English