Revised Edition: Good and Evil: The Ultimate Comic Book Action Bible (Paperback)

Revised Edition: Good and Evil: The Ultimate Comic Book Action Bible By Danny Bulanadi (Illustrator), Michael Pearl Cover Image

Revised Edition: Good and Evil: The Ultimate Comic Book Action Bible (Paperback)

By Danny Bulanadi (Illustrator), Michael Pearl


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The Ultimate Superhero Graphic Novel In the beginning... Before the first man was created, before the earth, the sun, the stars, even before light and time were created, there was God. He alone existed without beginning, but he was not alone. He communed with himself in harmonious love. But god wanted to share his life. He wanted friends and neighbors. The Bible tells us God created numerous kinds of angelic beings to offer praise around his throne. But this is not their story. This is the story of God working with mankind.

Our popular illustrated "Picture Bible," The Revised Edition Good and Evil: The Ultimate Comic Book Action Bible, has been beautifully colorized by professional artists This amazing book takes you through the Bible chronologically, retelling key events in an easy-to-grasp illustrated comic book format. Each story page has verse references at the bottom so you can look in the Bible where those events are recorded or doctrinal topics addressed. Standard comic book dimensions, with 330 pages of fantastic color art created by award winning artist Danny Bulanadi. Note: Due to the graphic nature of some of the material, this may not be suitable for all ages without proper parental guidance.

Danny Bulanadi started his career in Marvel Comics inking the likes of Pat Broderick, Gil kane, and Butch Guice on the Micronauts series. His consistency and speed in inking led to long inking stints on The Fantastic Four, and Captain America. Somewhere in between all the inking jobs Danny was doing for Marvel and DC comics, he found time to create and design several characters for a Canadian television station in Newfoundland. The character he created was Captain Newfoundland. He also designed the costumes for the various Atlantic Universe characters including the famous Captain Canada. In 1988, during the slowdown in comics, Danny moved to Los Angeles to work in the animation field. He was the storyboard artist for both Hanna-Barbera's Johnny Quest cartoon and Marvel Production's Transformer cartoon series. He also did stints in video game character design as well as some commercial art. There is no doubt that Danny Bulanadi is a prolific inker. He is known as "one of the hardest working inkers of the 70's, 80's and 90's," something he will always be proud of. But more than that, Danny is also an accomplished penciller and has worked with media from watercolor to oils. "I like to paint subjects such as American Indians, Filipino folk life, and scenery." Michael Pearl was raised in Memphis, Tennessee by parents who were faithful to point him to God. Mike is a graduate of Crighton College in Memphis. He worked with Memphis Union Mission for 25 years, while he ministered in hospitals and churches to the many military families. God eventually led him into the ministry of writing on child training and family relationships, which they now feel is his life's work and calling. The result of this work led to the formation of No Greater Joy Ministries (NGJ), a 501 (c) (3). The web address is Mike's first book was To Train Up a Child which has sold over 670,000 copies and is available in several languages. Mike along with his wife Debi has sold over 2 million books. NGJ also offers CDs, DVDs and MP3s. The largest project that NGJ has ever been involved in is the Good and Evil Project, a work to translate the Illustrated Bible Storybook Good and Evil into 100 languages. G & E has over 30 languages in print, and another 50 languages in the process of being translated or edited. The Good and Evil Animation project has begun. Chapter One is available for free download on the NGJ website
Product Details ISBN: 9781616440862
ISBN-10: 1616440864
Publisher: No Greater Joy Ministries
Publication Date: January 5th, 2016
Pages: 330
Language: English