The Chelation Revolution: Breakthrough Detox Therapy, with a Foreword by Tammy Born Huizenga, D.O., Founder of the Born Clinic (Hardcover)

The Chelation Revolution: Breakthrough Detox Therapy, with a Foreword by Tammy Born Huizenga, D.O., Founder of the Born Clinic By Gary Greenberg, Tammy Born Huizenga (Foreword by) Cover Image
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The Medical Breakthrough of Chelation Therapy: A treatment that uses medicine to remove toxic metals from the body so they don't make you sick.

Chelation has long been approved by the FDA to rid the body of lead by using a synthetic amino acid (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid), which binds to toxic metals and minerals in the bloodstream, allowing a patient to excrete them. When metals like lead, mercury, iron, and arsenic build up in your body, they can be toxic.

Alternative medical practitioners have used chelation for nearly 60 years, especially to treat heavy metal contamination that causes or contributes to heart disease.

  • Chelation rids the body of deposits that can lead to atherosclerosis, which causes coronary arteries to narrow, leading to heart attacks.
  • Patients have also found relief through chelation for improving the symptoms of autism.
  • One of the most promising areas of research is in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Because the buildup of metals like copper, iron, and zinc are thought to play a role in Alzheimer's disease, Chelation Therapy might have a place in treating it.

Full of hope-inspiring case histories, expert findings and where to find treatment, The Chelation Revolution: Breakthrough Detox Therapy shows how Chelation Therapy can alleviate suffering in numerous medical conditions and lead to a healthier, happier, and longer life.

Includes a Foreword by Tammy Born Huizenga, D.O., owner of the internationally recognized Born Clinic in Grand Rapids, MI, an internationally respected organization in preventive medicine with a speciality in Chelation Therapy.

About the Author

Dr. Tammy Born Huizenga, D.O. owns and operates Born Clinic. Dr. Born Huizenga received her undergraduate degree from Calvin College and graduated from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1986. Dr. Born Huizenga is board certified in Family Medicine. She has a special interest in caring for patients suffering from chronic diseases by utilizing a whole-body approach and treating the causes of diseases rather than simply treating the symptoms. Under her leadership, Born Clinic defies the notion of a "one-size-fits-all" model of medicine by integrating evidence-based medical practices and innovative therapies with individualized treatment plans. In her thirty-plus years of practice, Dr. Born Huizenga has worked tirelessly toward the advancement of preventive medicine, and she continues to diligently promote public awareness of patient choices in medical care.Dr. Born Huizenga accepted two appointments from President George W. Bush and former Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson: She served on the Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee, and for four years served on the Advisory Committee on Training in Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry Health Resources and Services Administration. Most recently, Dr. Born Huizenga accepted a 2018 appointment to the National Advisory Council for Complementary and Integrative Health from Secretary of Human Services, Alex M. Azar II.https: // author lives & works in the Grand Rapids, MI metro area.

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