Low Sodium Cookbook for Beginners: 100 Flavorful Recipes and a 4-Week Meal Plan (Paperback)

Low Sodium Cookbook for Beginners: 100 Flavorful Recipes and a 4-Week Meal Plan By Andy de Santis Cover Image
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Ease into a low sodium diet with 100 recipes and a 4-week meal plan for cooking well at home

If you've recently switched to a low sodium diet to improve your health, learning how to properly eat, shop, and cook without sacrificing taste can seem overwhelming. Low Sodium Cookbook for Beginners will make the journey easier with a 4-week meal plan and 100 easy-to-follow recipes that put flavor at the forefront.

This low sodium cookbook helps you keep track of your sodium intake, learn to replace common high-sodium foods with healthier alternatives, and learn how to prepare low sodium meals you'll actually enjoy.

Low Sodium Cookbook for Beginners helps you:

  • Practice low-sodium habits-Find tips for how to watch what you eat at restaurants, choose your condiments wisely, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, decipher food labels, and be cautious with canned goods.
  • Phased-down sodium intake-This low sodium cookbook will allow your taste buds to adjust to your new healthy diet with a meal plan that reduces sodium week by week.
  • Comprehensive diet advice-Get a handle on comorbidities like kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease with nutritional calculations that account for potassium, carbs, saturated fat, and protein levels.

Low Sodium Cookbook for Beginners shows you how delicious it can be to live a low sodium life.

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ISBN: 9781646119158
ISBN-10: 1646119150
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: August 4th, 2020
Pages: 204
Language: English