beyond the paneling (Paperback)

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beyond the paneling (Paperback)


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beyond the paneling is a life transformed into poetry. Christine Brooks lives in the words she strings together soulfully and skillfully, revealing a lifetime in unforgettable memories captured perfectly. Whether it's in the vision of a soggy cocktail napkin, a House of Beauty, barking dogs, a stranger on a train, or a date with the Lord, each poem reveals a slice of life worthy of becoming a work of art, meant to be transformed into poetry. beyond the paneling is a memoir of powerful poems revealing the heart and soul of a poet who excels in transforming unforgettable experiences into works of art. Add Christine Brooks to the list of "Poets to Follow."

-Karol Jackowski

A major talent for the small and telling details courses through behind the paneling. Emily can be heard, Bukowski, too. But the voice is all Christine Brooks'.

-Tommy Shea

Product Details ISBN: 9781646624751
ISBN-10: 1646624750
Publisher: Finishing Line Press
Publication Date: April 16th, 2021
Pages: 46
Language: English