Snow Day: Lessons in Leadership and Resilience from Crisis & Mass Casualty Events (Hardcover)

Snow Day: Lessons in Leadership and Resilience from Crisis & Mass Casualty Events Cover Image
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Snow Day shares the experiences and stories of risk and crisis management leaders who are called to ensure resilience and lead their organizations through critical events. From the initial impact of 9/11 to managing through COVID-19, the decision authority for declaring a crisis, from business disruptions to mass casualty events, the complexities and challenges of making "the right call" in time are detailed. Case studies include 9/11 evacuation or non-evacuation directions that saved or cost lives to an actual snow day in Atlanta, that left thousands of school students stranded in schools and on roadways in buses. The extent to which crisis management strategy, technology and training were leveraged--or not--made all the difference. The pandemic is the mother of all Snow Days and Mark McCourt captures the thinking and emotions of business leaders who share their personal and courageous first-hand experiences. The book dives deeply into the mental and emotional impact of crisis related trauma's impact on employees and their wellness through interviews with leading medical experts and analyzes the technologies and services available for predictive critical event management. Snow Day is a somber reminder to us all of what is at stake in these perilous times and a welcome guide as to how we might best survive them.

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ISBN: 9781664178816
ISBN-10: 1664178813
Publisher: Xlibris Us
Publication Date: June 21st, 2021
Pages: 192
Language: English