The Tweet (Paperback)

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Some may consider me to be clinically insane, which is fine; they just don't get it. Odeya Bello's love life sucks. And the second she fell down the rabbit hole that led her to Theo Ashford, she knew there's no getting out of it and the feeling in the pit of her stomach never left ever since.But...Theo Ashford is popular with the girls.Theo Ashford is loved by many.Theo Ashford is a celebrity-literally.Four years later, she's still obsessed with him, and he still has zero clues that she exists. But when one Friday night, while struggling between her thoughts of the green-eyed god and her homework, Odeya decides she's had enough torture and logs into Twitter.She tweeted. He replied. What happens next? Internet going loco. A visit to London. Panic attack. Paparazzi. Another panic attack. And a lot of snogging. And like any fangirl's dream coming true, Theo is no longer just the guy Odeya stalks.However, having to see and experience Theo's life both onstage and offstage, Odeya starts to see the chaos and drama behind the camera and every screaming fan. Torn between her feelings for Theo and her own sanity, she soon questions her-self: Can she really do this and stick it to the people who think she can't? Or should she just go back to her life and live a normal life free from the prying eyes of the public?From the author that brought you The Best Friend, Ally Williams grants every fangirl's wish in this story that will not only make you gasp and laugh but also tells you that every love story is unique and yours can be the one that only hap-pens in movies. Grab a copy now

Product Details
ISBN: 9781680309904
ISBN-10: 1680309900
Publisher: Typewriter Pub
Publication Date: October 28th, 2018
Pages: 420
Language: English