Car Collecting a Stress Relieving Time Wasting Puzzle Gift Book (Paperback)

Car Collecting a Stress Relieving Time Wasting Puzzle Gift Book By Mega Media Depot Cover Image

Car Collecting a Stress Relieving Time Wasting Puzzle Gift Book (Paperback)


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Car Collecting a Stress Relieving Time Wasting Puzzle Gift Book

Mega Media Depot has created an awesome collection of personalized covers with the best combo puzzles.

This combination book will keep your puzzle fans busy for years. This makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Here a list of the puzzles included in this edition.

12 Words in a Word - Using only the letters in the keyword shown, find the word for each clue.

Bubble Words - Enter single letters in each blank space to form an interlocking answer.


Calcudoku - Fill all the empty squares with digits from 1 to 4 so that each digit appears once in each row and column.

Cell Blocks - Fill in the grid by drawing blocks along the gridlines. Eahk block must contain the number of squares indicated by the digit inside it.

Crazy 8's - Make your way through the maze r by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing by eight.

Crypto Words - Each of these Crypto Words is written in substitute code..

Cryptogram - Each of these Cryptograms is a message in substitute code.

Dittos - Form 5 different 5 letter words using all the given letters.

Flip Phone Mania - Decode the messages based on the text message letters on the keypad on your phone.

From A to Z - Following is a list of words that contain the letter A to Z.

Hangman - A classic Guess the word before you are "hung".

How Many Words - Make as many 3-letter, 4-letter and 5-letter words as you can.

Interweave - Rearrange and distribute the four letters accompanying each row so that you can form a larger word

Keywords - Fill in the blanks with the correct missing letter and then transfer the letter to the corresponding numbered square to reveal the Keyword.

Logic - These puzzles will challenge your sense of logic.

Magic Squares - These are an arrangement of nine consecutive numbers in a square so that each column, row and diagonal will total up to the same number when added together.

Piece By Piece - Rearrange the pieces to reconstruct the message.

Ramble Words - Fill in the diagram with the 5 letter answers to the clues.

Right Moves - In each of these puzzles you will create a word ladder.

Round Words - Each circle contains 2-4 letter words.

Star Words - Only five of the eight words given will fit together in the star diagram.

Word Chain - Following is a list of words that create a word chain because they all start with the same letter.

Word Mirror - Following is a list of words that have the same letter as the first and last letter of the word.

Word Quest - 10 common English words have been split apart and scattered throughout the diagram.

Word Scrambles

Customized activity puzzle books speak to their recipients on a more personal level, making them feel special. Plus, activity puzzle books are universally functional gifts, for both kids and adults. It is proven that puzzles are a great way to reduce stress and increase self-esteem all while keeping your small motor skills active.

This new activity puzzle book will delight both existing fans and new puzzle enthusiasts as they discover this timeless and unique collection of entertainment.

These puzzles are designed to keep you challenged and engaged, so sharpen your pencils and get ready

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) finds that cognitive puzzles such as these "can bolster the mind in the same way that physical exercise protects and strengthens the body."

Please know what you are buying This book has a custom cover with the inside content unrelated to the cover. The inside contents are fully explained in the above paragraph and have nothing to do with the cover image .

Product Details ISBN: 9781704332338
ISBN-10: 1704332338
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 31st, 2019
Pages: 80
Language: English