Sex Positions: 2 Book Bundle - Sex Guide for Experienced Couples, Tips & Techni (Love #4) (Paperback)

Sex Positions: 2 Book Bundle - Sex Guide for Experienced Couples, Tips & Techni (Love #4) By Olivia Love Cover Image
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Are You Hungry for Intimacy & Adventure in Your Relationship? Do You Know How to Renew the Fire of Romance in Your Sex Life? Are You an Experienced Couple Looking for Even More Ways to Enjoy Each Other?

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Are you bored of what has been going on in the bedroom? This book encompasses a world of Ancient & Modern fun for your love life.

69 Sex Positions is a top selling book within the relationship market which is guaranteed to get your mind flowing with pleasure. Also, Tantra is a tradition gaining widespread acceptance that helps couples indulge in sensual pleasure and at the same time evolve both mentally and spiritually.

In the Tantric section you will be introduced to the mystical sexual experience which promotes a slow exploration of sensual activities in order to move beyond the physical and tap into the realm of universal consciousness.

In this Practical Sex Guide you'll find over 90 distinct positions to trigger full-body orgasms. , each with an image and detailed instructions.

In this Book You Will Learn About:

-Sexual Health
-The Tantric Mind
-Tantric Massage for Her & Him
-Over 90 Steamy Sex Positions
-The Female Orgasm

Written a for couples to enjoy the greatest pleasure on earth, Sex Positions The 2 Book Bundle offers something for everyone interested in spicing up their sex life for night after night of exquisite pleasure.

You'll soon find yourself anxious to put your newfound knowledge into action and take your partner on a ride they will never forget

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ISBN: 9781724936943
ISBN-10: 1724936948
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 12th, 2018
Pages: 220
Language: English
Series: Love