Embassy Academy: Deadly First Day (Paperback)

Embassy Academy: Deadly First Day By Emily Kazmierski Cover Image

Embassy Academy: Deadly First Day (Paperback)


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Who knew that the first day at a new school could be deadly?

Embassy Academy, the elite private boarding school I'm being shipped off to wasn't made for girls like me. Girls who are timid wallflowers.

It was made for bold, outspoken, cultured kids of the political elite. Rich. Privileged. Condescending.

Except for Ricardo, who looks at me like I'm a new flavor of ice cream he'd like to try, despite my cute bodyguard's disapproving stare. If only bratty girls and cute boys were my biggest problem.

When the academy's resident mean girl is killed on my very first day, their shimmering oasis becomes a pool of blood. The whispering gets louder. Quick glances become hard stares.

They're looking for someone to blame. They're looking at me.

Embassy Academy: Deadly First Day is the first in a trilogy of young adult romantic mysteries.

Product Details ISBN: 9781732243569
ISBN-10: 1732243565
Publisher: Emily Kazmierski
Publication Date: November 18th, 2019
Pages: 342
Language: English