Embassy Academy: Lethal Queen Bee (Paperback)

Embassy Academy: Lethal Queen Bee By Emily Kazmierski Cover Image

Embassy Academy: Lethal Queen Bee (Paperback)


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Who says politics, murder, and a fake boyfriend don't mix?

I've spent the past three years watching my step father groom my brother for the position I crave. Heir apparent to his political legacy. So can you blame me for breaking my own rules and getting a little buzzed at yet another campaign dinner?

I'm fine. Really.

Until the "animal" I ran over on my way back to school turns out to be my Calculus teacher. A guy with whom I might have a shady history. No comment.

If the police pin his murder on me, all my political aspirations will go up in smoke. And what's worse, I need the help of the school's resident playboy, a guy I can't stand, to prove my innocence. So what if he tricks me into fake dating? It's nothing I can't handle.

Embassy Academy: Lethal Queen Bee is a young adult hate to love romantic thriller, and the second in the trilogy.

Product Details ISBN: 9781732243576
ISBN-10: 1732243573
Publisher: Emily Kazmierski
Publication Date: April 27th, 2020
Pages: 286
Language: English