Time Is Irreverent 3: Gone for 16 Seconds (Paperback)

Time Is Irreverent 3: Gone for 16 Seconds By Marty Essen Cover Image

Time Is Irreverent 3: Gone for 16 Seconds (Paperback)


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Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon are back for another irreverent, liberal, twisty, time travel comedy This time they have Noah's Ark and Ronald Reagan in their sights.

Where would you go on a time travel vacation?

At the conclusion of their last episode, Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon were on Starship Blue, about to depart for the planet Krichardia, some forty light-years away. Knowing that they would likely never return to Earth again, their Krichard lovers, Chrissie and Tina, arranged for them to abscond with the Chromosphere Cruiser for up to twenty seconds. During that time, Marty and Nellie could do whatever they wanted as a way to say goodbye to Earth. Days, weeks, or even months might pass for them, but as long as their final time jump delivered them back into Starship Blue's cruiser bay within twenty seconds of their departure, Captain Jagger and the rest of the Krichard crew would never know they were gone.

In this episode, our snarky heroes embark on that time travel vacation. Those trips will hurl them into an enlightening adventure that spans from 3000 BC to AD 10,000. They'll discover the truth behind Noah's Ark, encounter the Cult of the Holy Smokin' Hot Nellie, pilfer a bass from a young Geddy Lee, and be taken prisoner by people in the future with just one demand: Kill Ronald Reagan

Time Is Irreverent 3: Gone for 16 Seconds is a hilarious, thought-provoking satire with unpredictable twists, an unconventional Jesus, an unwitting Ronald Reagan, and an unabashed look at Earth's past and future

Product Details ISBN: 9781734430301
ISBN-10: 1734430303
Publisher: Encante Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2020
Pages: 200
Language: English