SAT Math Mastery: Advanced Algebra, Geometry and Statistics (Paperback)

SAT Math Mastery: Advanced Algebra, Geometry and Statistics By Christian Heath Cover Image

SAT Math Mastery: Advanced Algebra, Geometry and Statistics (Paperback)


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Volume 2 of 2 in the SAT Math Mastery set. Be sure to order both volumes for the complete set of 38 SAT Math lessons

Get higher SAT Math scores - guaranteed - and feel confident and prepared for the SAT Math section. The first book of a combined two-volume set that covers all 38 topics tested on the SAT Math test.

A revolutionary new SAT Math textbook for higher SAT math scores. Master nineteen more rules of the SAT Math section in record time. Dominate SAT questions based on Advanced Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. Experience increased confidence, speed, and accuracy on both Calculator and No-Calculator sections of the SAT Math test.

Get instant results and immediate SAT Math score improvements when you're in a hurry during crunch time before your next SAT test date - or, take the long-term approach and master every SAT math skill in-depth for perfect scores.

Created to make your busy life easier. Written in an easy, approachable style by a perfect-scoring veteran SAT prep tutor, this is the most complete and powerful SAT Math textbook in the world.

Features of Volume 2:

  • 19 more lessons break the entire SAT Math test down into easy, manageable topics to master before test day.
  • Two Pretest diagnostics to quickly identify your math weak spots right from the start so you know what to work on first.
  • Over 325 additional SAT math practice questions for astonishing score breakthroughs and massive confidence-building before your next test.
  • Detailed and complete explanations for every SAT Math question so you can understand the right answers perfectly and quickly learn from any mistakes.
  • Two comprehensive final Posttests that review all 19 SAT math rules and identify areas for further improvements.
  • Improve your essential math skills for SAT & ACT testing, high school classes, college assignments, and beyond

Created and written by Christian Heath, the founder of Love the SAT Test Prep - one of the top SAT and ACT prep tutors in the world, a perfect-scorer on the SAT test, and an internationally-recognized expert SAT prep instructor. Based on 10 years of full-time specialized SAT prep experience and his work with over 1500 high school students. Only from Love the SAT Test Prep

Be sure to order both Volume 1 and Volume 2 together. These 38 SAT Math lessons were too big to print in a single book.

Product Details ISBN: 9781734852219
ISBN-10: 1734852216
Publisher: Love the SAT Academic Press
Publication Date: April 9th, 2020
Pages: 546
Language: English