Care Evolution: Essays on Health as a Social Imperative (Paperback)

Care Evolution: Essays on Health as a Social Imperative By Steven Merahn Cover Image
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Healthcare: Beyond Reform. The discussions about healthcare in America are fundamentally flawed, because we're more focused on how we pay for care than how we care.

Author Steven Merahn, MD, cuts through the debate with one question: Do we have a social imperative to equitably improve and sustain the quality of health of all citizens?

In a series of essays, Merahn crafts an aspirational vision for the health of our nation based on the value a healthy citizenry brings to society. Written for policymakers and healthcare providers, this book provides a deep understanding of the chaotic forces that have shaped our current system and outlines a framework of organizing principles and interaction design to support its productive and positive evolution.

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ISBN: 9781735941523
ISBN-10: 1735941522
Publisher: Conversation Publishing
Publication Date: November 10th, 2021
Pages: 212
Language: English